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Gods vs Mother Earth

Updated: Jun 25, 2019

Why do we put the Gods on pedestals?

In my travels through Europe, it has been obvious that people think connecting and working with the Gods is more important than their own Ancestors and selves combined. I am not saying to forget them, but don't you think that we are powerful in our own right?

Like our higher and inner selves, our Ancestors and Mother Earth are there to be asked for guidance.

Yes, the Gods once walked the earth but have long left!

The Earth was here before the Gods came down to play on her and has been here long after, they have returned to their homes and whilst they can assist that is not their job anymore.

Looking to the skies wanting them to come save us, instead of looking to ourselves and Mother Earth, she is the one who show's us the way to move forward. Her pure essence is nature she answers to no God and is in service to humans.

When we look to the skies for the answers we are then disconnected from our true knowledge and purpose here on Earth.

Finding a balance within yourself is the most important part of growing while in human body.

I have a saying Spirit Knows but Mother Shows. Your spirit within you knows the answers you need and the Mother Shows you how to bring this into the world this life time.

After all we are nature!

My question to you is: who is the true teacher of yourself?

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