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Meditation Myths

Updated: Jul 22, 2019

Most of us think that meditating is all about getting a vision; understanding what we see and that we are getting the most out of this activity.

Firstly, meditating can simply be a time when we are able to relax, go within, and breathe. Set the intention to relax and feel ourselves back in our bodies, let the stresses of daily life go and feel more in balance with ourselves. Most of us do this unintentionally at certain points throughout the day - when we zone out and just forget everything for a while.

Secondly, meditation helps us get the answers we need to help us grow.

The biggest myth is thinking we must be connected to meditate and see and hear the information we require. Funnily enough, this rarely happens - we put too much pressure on ourselves, and block all communication whilst in meditation. Who said this way of meditating was right for you anyway?

Many of my clients are feelers*. One thing to always remember about these feelings is they will never lie. Interestingly, they feel the answer and know it on an energetic level, not with visuals or audio. For feelers, their sense is so profound, what is felt cannot be altered or shaped into something we know we'd prefer. What does this have to do with meditation?

There is no wrong way or right way to get information! Learning to understand oneself is your unique way of getting answers. Are you a visual, audio or feeling focused person? Or even a know-er (yep a know-er). When you ask a question and already know the answer because it was waiting inside you.

Which leads me to the third point; are mediation's meant to be so long? I was told many years ago that we can meditate and get our answers quicker and easier than before. The vibration within us as a species is higher and the veil is thinner. Yes, a 10 minute meditation can give you the same information as 1 hour meditation did 5 years ago. Try different methods and see which one works best for yourself.

Guided meditations are meant to be simple - a tool to help you to connect - disallowing us time to question the answers we receive, but allowing us to accept them on an energetic level.

How do you mediate?

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