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5 blockages of spiritual growth

Updated: Jun 25, 2019

Doubt, unworthiness, confusion, fear, guru syndrome. Do any of these ring a bell?

1. Let's look at DOUBT. Looking for confirmation by another human. It's easy - we doubt we are capable of achieving Spiritual Growth. In fact, we are more capable of Spiritual Growth then we realise, after all we are a spirit within side a human body. It only takes a little faith within yourself.

2. And why do we feel UNWORTHY? Most times this has to do with past life issues, where we were tortured, ridiculed and even killed for being in our spiritual power, but our soul was not harmed - we just left the physical body at that time. Unfortunately, that negative energy is usually carried along with us.

3. What about CONFUSION? We seek guidance from many Teachers, becoming spiritual workshop addicts, and therefore we become confused as to which is the right path for our soul to grow. Finding the right solution can certainly be quite difficult, and we need to step back and feel where we need to be and go for our growth. When we don't follow our own path it will almost always cause more harm than good.

4. FEAR is one of the strongest emotions that block us from the true connection with ourselves. No matter what your fear may be, the only way is to confront it and let it go - you are protected and more powerful than you realise. No one can harm you, physically or spiritually unless you allow it to happen.

5. Ah! The GURU SYNDROME. So many people think they are more enlightened than others, but in actual fact some use all the emotions above to keep you down. Not all, but many still, want you to depend on them. This makes them feel good - validated, appreciated, sometimes worshipped - and it only feeds their ego. When we find a true Guru/Teacher they want to teach us to be empowered and stand in your own power not theirs.

As I say to my clients; put me out of a job so I can sit on a beach sipping cocktails. We are only here to guide and open the doors, to hold space for those to grow. his is the way of a true teacher being of service.

I wish you all the best in your individual journeys.

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