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Download 3D Launcher and Spice Up Your Android Homescreen with 3D Parallax Wallpaper

Next Launcher 3D Shell is a free utility tool developed by GOMO Limited for mobile devices. This personalization application is a home screen replacement for the stock app launcher that is found on smartphones running the Android mobile operating system. It boasts dynamic 3D effects and a highly customizable UI.

Similar to the highly popular third-party launcher, Nova Launcher, Next Launcher 3D Shell provides users with an alternative to the stock launchers that ship with their Android smartphones, which is rather limited when it comes to customization. It features various options to make home screen setups unique and more personal.

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Next Launcher 3D Shell is a third-party home screen replacement and app launcher for mobile devices. Android smartphones usually ship with either the stock launcher that comes built-in with the mobile operating system or custom ones that are baked into skin overlays that were developed by manufacturers as a means of adding further value and differentiation to their phone hardware.

The stock launcher in Android is quite barebones and comes with very limited options for customization or personalization. On the other hand, while smartphone manufacturers attempt to add more customizability to their custom skins and app launchers, they don't always appeal to consumers when it comes to features or aesthetics. This gave rise to the popularity of third-party launchers.

Next Launcher 3D Shell is one such launcher and it offers users an alternative home screen in which they can freely customize it to suit their personal tastes and preferences. As its name suggests, it places great emphasis on dynamic 3D effects in addition to providing an extensive list of customization options that let users create unique home screen setups.

Overall, Next Launcher 3D Shell is a decent third-party app launcher that provides plenty of customization options. While there are newer alternatives out there that are being actively maintained, this launcher is still worth checking out if you simply want to add some eye candy to your smartphone.

There are plenty of launcher apps available on the Google Play Store that can transform the entire interface of an Android. The launcher apps were divided into different categories on the Play Store, such as 3D launchers, 2D launchers, Windows 10 launchers, iOS Launchers, etc.

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So, in case you are bored and want to liven things up with a fresh look for your Android device, you can consider some of the best 3D launcher apps listed below. Below, we will share some of the best 3D launcher apps that you can use to transform your Android interface.

If you are looking for a fast, innovative, and simple 3D launcher app for Android, look no other than CMM Launcher. The launcher app for Android brings you a wide range of 3D wallpapers & live wallpapers with 3D effects.

So, these are some of the best 3D launcher apps for Android. These launcher apps will add amazing 3D effects to your smartphone. I hope this article helped you! Please share it with your friends also. Also, let us know your favorite 3D launcher app in the comments below.

As you can see in the image above, all of your panels are arranged side-by-side in an infinite circle. When you click the ovular button in the bottom of your customizable dock, the launcher zooms out so you can have a birds-eye view of all of your panels. In addition, after waiting a second or two after pushing that button, SPB Shell 3D will take you on a tour of your panels. In this tour, any folders or widgets that were created by SPB will become animated.

As previously mentioned, the app is $14.95 in the Android Market. SPB Shell 3D will completely reinvent your phones user interface. The app was just released not long ago and it has already been purchased by over 100,000 Android 2.1+ users. After having the privilege to test SPB Shell 3D, I highly recommend this application, especially to someone looking for a way around the standard Android launcher.

The Pokémon 3D launcher is a download manager and information source.Its primary function is to download the latest game files and unzip them in the right location automatically. Prior to Indev 0.53.3, the launcher was mandatory in opening the game, but has now become an optional feature for easier game loading. In order to play the game you have to start the launcher, which provides the option to start the game by clicking the Start game button. It also informs the player about the current version of the game by showing a popup if the game got updated. One can also download the latest game files manually by clicking the Check for Updates button.

For Indev 0.53.3, the launcher was dropped in support of the official GameJolt Launcher. For Indev 0.54, all launcher support was scraped; the game would now instantly open when clicked on. From Indev 0.54.1 onwards, players had the option of using the new launcher to automatically run the game, check for updates, and manage profiles.

All the apps & games here are downloaded directly from play store and for home or personal use only. If Apex Launcher apk download infringes your copyright, please contact us, We'll delete it in a short time.

All themes introduced in the 3D Launcher will be designed to appear in the general theme store; more than 300 themes with their stories and unique details will be displayed here. Besides, we provide icon packs and let you download them with one tap. The tools you need to start designing your unique wallpaper are ready, and users can freely combine them and create the most fantastic product. In addition to 1000 online wallpapers, users can also use their designs right on the device.

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If you own an android smartphone, no matter your phone is old or latest. because android OS coming with lots of flexibility, which allows you to transform standard interface of Android according to own style. A launcher app is the best way to give your smartphone a distinct look.

The launcher apps allow you to customization with interface design that suits your style and also improve your device fluidity. Its amazing effects help you to stand out from the crowd. But there are thousands of launcher available for Android devices, then which is best 3d Launcher for Android? do not worry, we accumulate a list of best 3D Launcher apps.

The Yandex Shell is a free iconic 3D launcher app for android with address book and dialer app. it enables you to add many useful widgets, gives you latest content feed and keep up to date with all the latest local news, weather, traffic & more. This Personalization app allows you to highly customize your device with custom-made themes and icons. in addition, Swipe down on the main screen to open quick search to find your contacts, apps and information on the Web.

Action Launcher is an excellent launcher app for Android that can make your device looks more elegant. this Launcher application replaces your home screen with a colorful & customizable theme. Another cool feature is Quicktheme which automatically match all the icon to background wallpaper, one of the best feature is the shutter option, which allows you to create your favorite app widgets.

This ultimate launcher has been trusted by millions of users thanks to its efficiency and good set of features. it allows gracing your home screen with a few extra customizing features. With apex launcher application, you can Customizable every single app icons and folder icons. It also support icons pack and theme engine with many themes available online. 2b4c41e320


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