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Program Outline

Let the People Make the Change


Why is it important for the people to make the change, as many of you know we are in changing times and it is up to the individual to see where they can create the change into a new way of life.


The business fundamentals need to mirror the desire of the current and future generations to live in a sustainable world. This means businesses that do not harm and make a meaningful contribution to society, its people and the environment including reversing the damage that has already been done.


This is more than off-setting environmental impacts or making trade-offs. This asks for development restorative economies with businesses that restore aspects of the environment and remove barriers to positive social outcomes, the educational system and where the young people's thoughts and feelings are today.


To implement these changes you don't need to remove your luxuries, it is about being consciously aware of what your choices are. You are the system so you can change the system.


Kaitiakitanga/Guardianship demands sustainable practices that allow us to leave future generations with a planet that is better is all about bringing everything back into balance, not just for the planet but for every day life that humans face.


Toroa and Sharon would like to share their knowledge to help the individual create the change within their life. Through both a Maori tradition and a white tradition, also a balance of a male and female perspective.


Toroa and Sharon hope you will join the program.


PANDEMIC - Given that this is the hot topic of today. Toroa and Sharon will share knowledge not only through the Prophecy as foretold to Toroa by his Grandmother, but also the knowledge of the ancient energies of Avalon long forgotten.

Within the workbook and webinar you will dive into how this is affecting you personally today and how you can make changes to create a better way of dealing with the situation currently in place. 

SUSTAINABLE BUSINESS - Sustainable business does not mean you can not make a profit. Toroa and Sharon have bought failing businesses and revitalized them into a sustainable and successful business, becoming more consciously aware of using resources in alignment with nature to benefit not only the environment but also creating a profitable business. Many business are going through this change at this time. As a consumer you are also thinking of ways you make an impact every time you make a purchase.

Within the workbook and webinar both topic's will be covered not only as a consumer but also as an owner of a business, how you can make changes within your every day life.

SUPPORTING THE YOUTH - As the youth are the future generations, it is important that supporting them and listening to what they want for the future, not only for the planet but also for themselves. The old system is failing on many levels and the youth are the ones that will guide and help put new systems in place.

In the workbook - creating a place where the youth can be heard and how as individuals can the older generations support them with the changes that need to take place.

EDUCATION SYSTEM - Given that the children no longer fit into the current educational system, how as the older generation can you create a new way of learning for the children and youth of today. How can this frustration not only for a parent but also for the children take place in a more positive way of life.

In the workbook and webinar - Learning what is right for you as a parent and what is right for your child. Children are already more consciously aware of what they want and through the webinar and workbook you can gain an insight into the changes that need to be made.

ECOSYSTEM - You don't need any statistic's or science to confirm that everything is out of balance with the ecosystem. What impact do humans play in creating the imbalance of the ecosystem. Listening to nature and the environment clear messages can be heard within the silence. Nature has so much to teach us, whether this is the animals or the trees.

In the workbook and webinar - Learning to regain a balance with the ecosystem is the main priority for humans at this time in our history. A tribal perspective can give guidance in helping this balance to happen.

POSITIVE SOCIAL OUTCOMES - For many today under the circumstances with the pandemic, many are feeling isolated. Through a new way of life many are finding ways to connect not just through the physical traditional way but using technology to create friendships. Within a tribal system everyone is treated equally and respectfully, no matter your status within the tribe and the younger generations are starting to create this way of life through technology. Of course this also is a strong topic for the Mental Health issues we are currently going through.

In the workbook and webinar - Positive ways of interacting through a tribal way, whether you need this social interaction through work, family or friends etc. Creating a more balanced communication with each other.

TEAM BUILDING/LEADERSHIP - It is important to remember that being part of a team, no matter your role within the team is important. If one member is not performing well the whole team doesn't perform well. So how can you support each other through these times.

Within the workbook and webinar learning the roles and responsibilities everyone places within a tribal team, how connecting with each other creates not only a strong team but also influences those around you.

MOVING FORWARD - Creating a new way of life for humanity, the planet and the future generations to follow in a more consciously aware way. Bringing about exceptional guardians of the planet for future generations to come. Within the workbook and webinar - understanding how to be present in your everyday life and make the right choices for yourself, allowing everything within the human system to be placed within a more positive way of being.

There of course will be a lot more within this program,

this is only an outline of what you can expect to achieve.



Some Practical Information

Each Topic will run for two weeks, from the beginning of the Program. A workbook will be emailed to you a week before the program starts. A link to each webinar will be emailed to you on the day of each topic being available, if you miss the time don't worry a replay link will be emailed to you.

Make sure you have a good WIFI connection to view the webinar's. If you do not wish to print workbook out, have a diary to help you keep track of your progress.

If at any time you do not receive any email links email us so we can resend to you.


This program is based on our own personal experiences and way of working within a tribal upbringing.

18th & 25th May, 20201
1ST & 8TH JUNE,2021
supporting the youth
15th & 22nd June, 2021
education system
29th June & 6th July, 2021
13th & 20th July, 2021
positive social outcomes
27th July & 3rd August, 2021
team building/leadership
10th & 17th august, 2021 
moving forward
24th & 31st august, 2021 

Can't watch on those day, easy a replay link 

will be emailed to you.


2 WEBINAR'S per Topic

(16 webinar's in total)

The Program will run for 3 months



START DATE: 18th May, 2021

Program Full Price


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