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I invite you to this training where knowledge  and ancient methods of Avalon will be shared in an easy way of understanding, reconnecting back to your truth. 


The ability to feel the ancient energies once again through the Divine Feminine.


The ability to feel the ancient energies once again with the cosmic flow. 


Your ability to stand in your own power and truth. 


Be guided by the Ancient energies allowing for balance within the physical and spiritual beings that you are.


The training will give you a deeper understanding of the importance of the divine feminine and the how you can bring balance back to the masculine. 


Releasing the trauma that was once placed upon the feminine. 


The guidance this training will give you can free you from the old ways of being and help transmute into a more balanced way of living within yourself for mother earth and future generations to come and therefore, 


See Below for program outline



10am to 12pm


The first part of this training, you will go deep into understanding  where, when and why you lost faith in your own divineness.


This is important to truly understand not only your human nature so your soul’s true nature can shine through.

Through the Ancient Techniques of Avalon you will also be taught techniques to keep your energy and space clear, giving a balance in your life then allowing for your constant access to your higher self, which helps bring in a more calmer life. 


2pm to 4pm 

The second part of this training is to help bring the divine balance back into your life and how to assist the masculine to be in balance with the feminine energy again.  


It is the job of the feminine to anchor and balance with the masculine. Learn how your unique skills and gifts can assist in the balance for the New World. 


6pm to 8pm

Wrapping up with Questions and Answers

WHERE: Zoom live platform 

All Zoom links will be emailed to you.

Sunday 8th May, 2022

10am to 12pm First Part 

2pm to 4pm Second Part

6pm to 8pm Questions and Answers 

(approximately 2 hours per session)

PRICE  50 euro

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