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Happinez Magazine ancestral interview

Hi Everyone, for those of you who know I was interviewed by the German Happinez Magazine about my connection with my ancestors. Here is the English translation for you all to read  (translated by Christin Richter). 

"It's our job to heal the pain of  our ancestors"



Sharon Healey (52) was 9 years old when she learned about her gift to communicate directly
with the ancestors. Today, this child of European antecedents lives with her husband, the
Maori Elder Toroa Aperahama, and their two daughters in Queensland, Australia. It is
where she has been helping people to get in touch with their ancestors again for over 25
years. Here she explains the real significance of ancestral work and why it is more important
than ever to finally heal the pain inherited over generations today.

Why do you think it is that more and more people are interested in ancestral work?

I believe it is, because they do not want to repeat the same mistakes of their parents and
grandparents. They realise that their family history has been permeated by destructive and
continuously repeating patterns. And they do understand that breaking those patterns once

and for all depends on them. Furthermore, we have a new generation that is a lot freer and cannot
easily be dictated how to feel or think. We, unlike our ancestors, are free to decide how we
want to live our lives.

What kind of patterns are those?

Negative behaviour,  doctrines and fears that are mostly caused by long past traumatic
experiences which have been passed down from parents to children unconsciously. A lot of
which has been created during the two world wars, where a large part of humanity has been
deprived of their sense of security. Millions had been forced to believe that suddenly their
neighbours were enemies which had to be defeated or spied on. This fueled mistrust and
hate towards other cultures, religions and ethnicity. A nearly global contamination with
aberrations that can be felt until today. However, there are certain things we have to put an
end to by ourselves in order to experience healing.

So it is our job to heal the old pains of our ancestors?

Absolutely. Energetically speaking, we are at a crossroad that allows us to look at the past
and the future simultaneously. Our ancestors couldn’t do that. But we have the freedom and
on top of that modern communication technologies that help us seeing connections and
exchange information. Which is one of the reasons why more and more people come to the
realisation that they only feel this isolated and disconnected because they had lost the
connection with their own ancestors that once had been so natural in all cultures.

What does it mean to you to be connected with your ancestors?

For me this was something completely natural. I was nine years old when my great grandfather,
whom I’d never met during his lifetime, suddenly appeared in our house. And later on it was
my grandmother who taught me to use this gift. She helped me, for example, to prepare
myself for my mother’s death by guiding me 2 years ahead to take care about certain 

bureaucracies. Meanwhile, on the other side, she prepared everything for my mother’s
arrival. And when the time came, my grandmother sat with me on my bed, holding space            until my mother’s soul was ready to go with my grandmother and her ancestors.


This sounds very caring?

Our ancestors love us unconditionally, even if they were unable to show that during their

What can we do in our everyday lives to connect with them?

The easiest way is to ask our relatives what it was they loved during their lifetime, or do you remember something your relatives were passionate about or gifted in. Was there
someone who loved to paint? Then try that! Was there someone who wrote beautifully?
Then start writing! Even talents are inherited. Whether it be cooking, craftsmanship,
storytelling or whatever - as soon as we get in touch with the passions of our ancestors we
automatically connect with them as well. But we need to actively invite them to join us,
otherwise they stay away.

So does that mean they are not there if we don’t want them to?

Exactly. Only when we invite them consciously by asking for advice or help, even for a
simple cooking recipe, will they come to us. They show their presence in placing thoughts,
ideas or realisations in our minds of which we instantly know exactly that they did not come
from us. If we consciously invite our ancestors into our lives, they will be there.
They are always close by and never abandon us but we must invite them in and be open to connect with them.


And what is your role as ancestral worker in this process?

I only serve as a bridge for my clients in this way, holding the door open. 

All of the answers that you are looking for are already within you. Which is the reason why often
a lot of questions are mostly answered already during discussions. This means we simply
need to re-activate our inherent power.


And our ancestors help us with this?

That is exactly what they do. Because they long for healing as well. Healing for everything
they were unable to balance during their lifetimes. So my job is simply to bring ease to this
re-connection with the ancestors which my clients yearn for.


How does ancestral work change our lives?

Healing already starts with looking at your own family history. Ancestral work means
stepping into your own power, ridding yourself of everything negative and burdensome,
which includes overwriting the DNA where everything traumatic is stored as well. Over time,
physical ailments will decrease, the mind becomes more stable and old fears start to
dissolve until they finally disappear completely. 

So there is nothing we can do wrong?

Not at all. Because the ancestors are on our side. Whatever happens, inherited pain is
merely disrupted energy that is passed from one generation to the next. But the soul itself
can never be damaged.

I hope you enjoyed this interview and that you may have received answers. 

Love Sharon

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